Jean Jerotich is now is now Grade Seven at Brightburn School. She’s excited about 2019 since she has experienced several highlights so far. “Our school moved to a new space which is bigger,Tr. Florence has built classrooms that are spacious, and some classes even have tiles!” These are some of the details Jean shared when we spoke to her. One of her favorite subjects in her new class is Science, and she enjoys learning about the human circulatory system.

Brightburn School is part of the network of schools that Dignitas supports in Nairobi through training and coaching. The teachers at the school are champions of student-centered learning. They focus on creating a positive environment where students feel safe to ask questions, learn and collaborate with each other.

What does Jean look for in a great teacher?

I like teachers who are patient, caring, loving and responsible. In my school, I like Tr. Evelyn who teaches us English. She always makes sure that we understand new topics. I also like Tr. Sam who teaches Science and Tr. Calvince who teaches Mathematics and Social Studies. They are caring towards students and it is easy to interact with them and ask questions.

Jean likes Brightburn School because the teachers make learning practical. They often go out of their classroom to learn about nature and collect materials for their lessons. The teachers also use story books to share many interesting stories with the students. Jean’s favorite story is “The Shark Attack” where there was a girl who was being chased by a shark and she luckily survived and managed to escape. The final reason why she loves Brightburn School is because she has good friends who support her, they help her learn and share everything together. Jean hopes to gain the skills she needs to thrive in life while learning at Brightburn.

Our school motto is-Hope for a brighter future. We say this motto in school, and it motivates us to work hard in our education. I am planning to be a banker when I finish school. I chose this job because I love Mathematics.

Jean represents the next generation of leaders. She is full of hope and plans for her future and students like her remind us why Dignitas exists. We are working to see a world where schools are a vibrant place for all children to develop the skills and strength of character to thrive and succeed. Jean and all other children deserve the opportunity to receive quality education so they can pursue their dreams. Every child deserves the opportunity to realize their dreams and fulfil their potential.

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We will be featuring students throughout 2019 in our Vibrant Students Series. Stay tuned!

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Contributor: Gloria Omuya – Communication & Operations Manager