At Dignitas, we empower educators to transform their schools through leadership development and instructional coaching so that their schools become vibrant places of learning where all children thrive and succeed.

Our approach involves a partnership between Dignitas and schools designed to equip educators to transform education in their community. The Leadership Institute includes various programs in combination to catalyze transformation and sustain development. Visit our profile on Umoja Primary School to see our partnership and model in action.

Leadership Academy

This series of intensive classroom-based training summits introduces ideas and concepts that empower educators to be inspiring leaders and excellent teachers. The aim is to shift beliefs, attitudes, and values so that educators see the potential in their schools and students. The Leadership Academy lays the foundation for educators to take charge of improving their schools and catalyzes school improvement efforts.


Our professional coaches provide personalized, in-class mentoring to Leadership Institute fellows. Coaching focuses on practical applications of skills and concepts learned in training to ensure they are implemented in the classroom. This is a critical step to producing career-long improvements. Individualized coaching also ensures that each teacher receives support specific to his or her needs and abilities. Read more about our coaching approach and meet one of our coaches on the blog.


Our workshops provide targeted professional development for both school leaders and teachers and build more complex knowledge and skills on top of the foundation created in the LTI. Workshops also specifically address cross-cutting issues that affect all schools as well as topics that are best-suited to group learning. Read more about our workshops on the blog.

Infrastructure Support

Dignitas recognizes many schools in marginalized communities lack the basic level of infrastructure necessary to begin improving education quality. Furthermore, Dignitas seeks to empower schools by preparing educators to independently seek financial stability and external support. Therefore, Dignitas provides small grants to partner schools and uses this process to coach school staff on resource acquisition and maintenance skills. Read about one aspect of our infrastructure support program: uniform distributions.

Professional Learning Communites 

Professional Learning Communites help educators to routinize sustainable reflective practice towards whole school improvement.Fellows are grouped throughout the program experience in the learning triads and dyads forming PLCs. PLCs foster a community of best practices and ensure sustainable professional growth and development continues after the program concludes.

Dignitas Alumni Association 

Alumni Association enables ongoing learning and growth, and offers graduates the opportunity to support the professional development of other educators, whilst driving systemic change. Alumni Engagement Form


Learn more about how these programs work together to affect change through our partnership with schools.