Our Mission

Dignitas knows that when learning is effective children thrive, gain the skills they need to succeed and reach their potential.

Dignitas empowers educators and school leaders to transform opportunities for the next generation.  Dignitas school partnerships are designed to strengthen leadership, improve instructional quality, and provide infrastructural support to help schools create an environment where all children fulfill their potential, especially in typically underserved communities.

Our school partners are currently from urban informal settlements across Nairobi, diverse rural areas, and beyond Kenya’s borders in South Sudan.  Our typical school partnership lasts for one year and includes Leadership Academies, School Based Professional Development and Coaching, and the establishment of Professional Learning Communities for sustainable whole school improvement.


Our school partners include community schools, government schools and private schools. Dignitas delivers customized programs to drive the delivery of quality education to a number of private and non-profit partners.

Learn more about our model, how we partner with schools, and see our model in action at Umoja Primary School.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where schools are a vibrant place for all children to develop the skills and strength of character to thrive and succeed.

Our Values

Transformation – We see the possibility for positive change everywhere – in our own team, in schools, for families and communities – all towards a more equitable society.

Sustainability – We know that schools and communities have the ability to self-organize and are committed to equipping communities with the tools to grow independently.   

Learning – We believe learning is key to transformation; we’re committed to learning as individuals, as a team and with our partners.


Innovation We are open to bold new ideas and encourage creativity in our team, our partners, and the education space globally.

Empowerment – We believe in the potential of people and recognize the agency of every individual.

Accountability – We are stewards of resources and knowledge and take it as our responsibility to use the tools at our disposal to truly serve the community and the intentions of our supporters.