We believe every child deserves an excellent education.



We imagine a world where schools are a vibrant place for all children to develop the skills and strength of character to thrive and succeed.  


What is the Role of the Teacher? It’s Harder Than Most Think!

October 5 is International Teachers Day, also known as World Teachers Day. When I was teaching, the day was filled with handmade cards and DIY crafts from my students. At my school, teachers would receive a special lunch with occasional perks. Today is a day reserved...

Working Together for Kenyan Children

If you’re a keen reader of our news, you’ll know that collaboration is an important part of our strategy.  In fact, when we looked at strategic goals for 2018, the team noted collaboration and innovation as critical enablers of our success. The challenge with...

Dignitas is headed Stateside!

Whilst Dignitas operates out of Nairobi, Kenya, and has a keen desire to be situated close to the communities we work with, a few members of the Dignitas family are situated in the USA.  This includes our Co-Founders, Tiffany Cheng Nyaggah and Bobby Lee, and other...

Looking to the Next Decade of Dignitas

As I reflect on the last six months, it feels like at least a year has passed!  It’s been a really exciting journey so far and one I feel privileged to have been on. One of the tasks clearly before me as I took on the role of Executive Director at Dignitas was to...

Developing Literacy Skills at Home

Tips for Parents, Caregivers, and Families My fondest childhood memories revolve around literacy. Every night, my parents would read us bedtime stories. In pre-primary school, I played spelling games with cut-out letters. In the car, I would avidly read passing street...

Education: Imagining a World of Possibilities

I recently travelled to the village and I was able to visit my grandmother Angelina. When we arrived with my sister Angela and my brother in-law Sos Peter, she was sitting by the door and was excited to see her grandchildren coming to visit. As we settled in and began...