Some of the words that can be used to describe Teacher Florence are; achiever, problem solver, open minded and joyful! She makes things work and she does not give up until a task is complete. Florence started Brightburn School in Satellite since she wanted students to access a good education closer to home.

She started her career as teacher, worked for six years and decided to take her work to the next level by starting her own school. She was always led by her passion for children, how open they were, creative and excited to learn new things. The school lives by the motto: Hope for a brighter future! Florence’s goal is to ensure that students who come to Brightburn School experience a positive environment where they can begin to lay the foundation for their future.

Some of the core values at Brightburn are commitment, teamwork, discipline, spirituality and excellence. As Florence comes up with different ideas to improve the school, she has learnt to collaborate with other stakeholders to make their vision a reality.

Florence was awarded the Innovation Award during our Ten-Year Anniversary event. She brings creativity into the teaching and learning practice. She creates workable solutions and leverages resources to address challenges faced in her school and community. We celebrate Florence!

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Teacher Florence is featured in our Decade of Dignitas video. You can watch it here.

Contributor: Gloria Omuya- Senior Communication & Operations Officer