On October 24th, we had the pleasure of celebrating our Decade of Dignitas journey with our partners, friends, donors,teachers, board members and staff. This celebration was an opportunity for us to reflect on our achievements, our impact and our strategy going forward. Our guests came in their numbers and enabled us to have one of the most successful events yet!

The Dignitas team is grateful to all of our partners who have made our story a success. Thank you for supporting our work to enable children thrive and succeed. We have all the highlights from our event that we would love to share with you.

Our partners represent individuals and organizations who are dedicated to driving change in the world. They joined us to show support for our work and re-affirm their committment towards education for all and student success.

(Left – right:Neha and Rhea, Daraja Band, Paintings from Neha) Neha and Rhea gave their time and talents and performed at our event. They are passionate about music which they use as a way to make positive change in the world. Neha, worked on eight paintings which she donated to Dignitas for our silent auction. They both wish to use their skills to support children to access quality education. Daraja Band also provided great entertainment during our event in support of our mission and milestones.

Our Board members are committed to the Dignitas vision and they work relentlessly behind the scenes to ensure that we achieve our desired impact. We appreciate the Board as they played a major role in making our Ten Year Anniversary event a success. We also had the pleasure of hosting our Co-Founder, Tiffany Cheng Nyaggah who flew all the way from California to Nairobi to join us for this special occasion. Ten years ago, Tiffany and our other Co-Founder, Bobby Lee came together to start something that they believed in. An organization that would seek to transform education opportunites for marginalized communites. Today, the Dignitas vision has expanded and we have reached upto 23,000 children in ten communities. At the start, they both did not know how far Dignitas would go or how much they would accomplish. But look at us now! We are gearing up for an even greater season of impact as we look into 2019 and beyond. (From left to right: Dr. Perry Devani, Board Member, Tiffany Cheng Nyaggah, Co-Founder, Dr. C.S. Sheth, Board Member)

Our Executive Director, Deborah has steered our vision forward so powerfully this year and enabled us to add several achievements to our celebration.  (From left – right: Our Executive Director, Deborah giving a speech, our group of teachers who had the honor of receiving various awards for their excellent work, our chief guest, Mr. Kevit Desai, Permanent Secretary, TVET and our staff and board members)

Our community helps us drive our vision forward. We have people that we can count on as part of the Dignitas tribe, and we appreciate everyone who makes our work possible.

It’s a great time to be TEN! This has been a truly remarkable season for Dignitas and we look forward to all the impact we are planning to achieve in the next ten years.

You can join the conversation on our social media platforms by using the following hashtags #DecadeofDignitas #Thrivingat10 and #Thenext10. We would love to hear from you. ASANTE.

Contributor: Gloria Omuya – Senior Communication & Operations Officer