A great teacher can change a student’s life. Elizabeth Mbati is the Founder of Alpha Glory School in Satellite community. When she started the school, she wanted to have a center of excellence, a place where children could learn and discover their strengths. She has been teaching for over four decades! She not only holds the title teacher, but leader, mentor, friend and role model. She has supported hundreds of students in their education journey and she’s not about to stop this commitment. With 44 years of teaching, she has several impact stories of students who have transitioned from her school. Many of her students are now pursuing different passions which is one of the main motivations in her work. The ability to support a student from Kindergarten and later see them stepping into the world and making a difference. Elizabeth is looking to transform Alpha Glory School and the community at large. She helps bring together teachers around Satellite community for learning and benchmarking opportunities.

We had the honor of celebrating Elizabeth Mbati at out Ten-Year Anniversary event where she was awarded the LifeTime Service Award. She has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to improving the quality of education for students in her school and her community. She continues to be a mentor to many teachers in Satellite community.

Elizabeth is a great inspiration to the Dignitas team. She models how we can serve and give to transform people’s lives. It’s #GivingTuesday today! It is a good time to reflect and recommit ourselves to the goals we have ahead of us. How are you giving to others around you? You can be part of our community and join us to transform opportunities for the next generation. Check out our giving page(We have a matching campaign) or reach out to us to discuss other ways you can give. Thank you for your partnership!

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Contributor: Gloria Omuya-Senior Communication & Operations Officer