I have had the opportunity to sit in, in a science class where Teacher Nicholas was teaching class five students. He has a fun way of engaging students. The students are confident, they actively use their voices and participate in class and most of all, they believe that their teacher cares about their learning. When I was in his classroom, I noticed the sense of fascination on the students faces and clear excitement. One student mentioned that he likes teacher Nicholas because he shares expectations and objectives before each lesson. Teachers have an enormous responsibility where they help shape the future of the next generation. For some students, it is a teacher who influenced their interest of learning based on their teaching approach.

Nicholas is the Head teacher At Riruta Jubilee Academy. He teaches various subjects in the upper primary section in the school.

When I was joining Dignitas, we were asked to work on our Educational Autobiographies. When I was reading my story, I reflected and realized that I was inspired by one teacher who worked with me when I was in Form Two. When I left Primary, if there is one job that I hated, it was teaching. This changed when I met Mr. Mwanga in Form Two. I used to hate Math and interesting enough, I’m teaching Math today, courtesy of Teacher Mwanga! So, I became a teacher because I found a model teacher who made me believe that the Math I hated, was actually the easiest subject. That was my transformation and I decided that one of the reasons why I will become a teacher is to be a Mr. Mwanga to many other children. I wanted to change the script. From Math is a difficult subject to Math is the best subject and that’s why I’m here!

Nicholas Odhiambo

Head teacher, Riruta Jubilee Academy, Satellite

Nicholas recently received the Impact Award at out Ten-Year Anniversary event. As the Head teacher at Riruta Jubilee Academy, Nicholas has made a significant impact on the lives of students in the school, teaching staff and the community. He demonstrates outstanding professionalism, high expectations and exceptional leadership.

One of my greatest moments is seeing all my students with different capabilities achieving their goals. When I see one or two students improving because of my support, it’s quite fulfilling. Those are the moments and testimonials that motivate me.

Nicholas Odhiambo

Head teacher , Riruta Jubilee Academy, Satellite

Teacher Nicholas was inspired by Teacher Mwanga to join the teaching profession. In his work, he has supported several students to realize their potential and achieve their goals. Nicholas is making an impact! His work is not easy, but he is committed to making a difference. Have you read about our giving campaign? This #GivingTuesday, join us, as we work to empower more teachers who will light the way for thousands of children in our communities. Check out our giving page or reach out to us directly to discuss other ways you could give. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see our stories.

Teacher Nicholas is featured in our Decade of Dignitas video. You can watch it here.

Contributor: Gloria Omuya – Senior Communication & Operations Officer