Have you ever had a positive teacher? One who sees every child’s potential and works to ensure that all students succeed? Teacher James is one of these teachers. James is a teacher at Revival Sanctuary School in Satellite. From the time we completed our first Leadership Training, we have seen how James has transformed his classroom. He puts learning first to make sure his teaching gets better each time. James invests his time and energy in learning new ways to improve his classroom. Students who are supported by teachers like James can break through all learning barriers to achieve their goals.

A great teacher is one who can learn from their students, who can learn with them, and learns for them.

Robert John Meehan

James is one of the teachers who received an award during our Ten-Year Anniversary celebration. He received the Excellence Award since he has demonstrated significant growth and he consistently implements best practices introduced during our leadership program. He is committed to improving students learning outcomes.

We are often inspired by teachers like James. Teachers who genuinely care about students wellbeing, both inside and outside the classroom. Below is a quote from James: You can watch more on our Decade of Dignitas video.

“I used think that teaching is teaching. But after coming to Dignitas, I discovered that I can become a champion teacher who is result oriented, helping and transforming the lives of my children.” James

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Contributor: Gloria Omuya – Senior Communication & Operations Officer