The first time I visited Hollywood School in early May 2019, I had so many expectations for all my school leaders and teacher leaders. This was a new cohort and so as a coach, I had prepared for relationship building as part of laying the groundwork for impactful teacher growth. As a coach, I provide personalized, in-class mentoring to school leaders, focusing on practical applications of skills and concepts learned in training to ensure they are implemented in the classroom. I work with passionate school leaders who are keen to see all their students thrive and succeed.

Madam Jane is the Head teacher at Hollywood School, and she is one of the school leaders that I was going to work with. Having been in the education sector and running her school for about 11 years, I was eager to see how we were going to work together to improve Hollywood School.

I was impressed when I met a very prepared school leader who was committed fully to our program. Jane is a passionate teacher at heart, she immediately set about to inquire more about Dignitas and the work we do. She had clearly researched about our work and wanted to have a clear plan on how the program would be implemented in her school. Her thirst for knowledge and capacity building for her staff could be seen in the way she quickly scribbled down in her notebook and followed this with more questions. She wanted all her teachers on the program! She had a quest for knowledge and a malleable mind that essentially propels any school headteacher or director into exponential growth.

After our meeting, she was grateful that our focus for the teachers was heavily centred and hinged on the key tenets of the competency-based curriculum such as self-efficacy, communication, collaboration and curiosity. Six months of working with teachers in her school has seen this school come to our trainings ready to learn. Their quest for knowledge is collective and most times, Jane holds a Professional Learning Community in her school where the teachers on our program train the other teachers in her school to implement and use the same practices that we teach them during trainings.

These have been six months of mindset change, placement of value on the learner and teamwork for all the teachers at Hollywood School. This commitment from school leaders has set the pace for Hollywood School and they have begun to experience the impact of our program. Schools show sustained improvement in school governance, collective leadership, instruction and pedagogy, and school culture after partnering with Dignitas and going through our program. We have seen that when school leaders are invested in improving learning outcomes for their students, the whole school benefits. School leaders are one of the most important stakeholders in improving the quality of education in schools.  Will your school be ready when we take on the next cohort?

Contributor: Mercy Munialo – Senior Leadership Coach