(Photo Credits: Metis)

Dignitas has continuously expanded its impact in a vast number of schools in Nairobi’s informal communities and beyond. We specialize in teacher professional development, but our work goes beyond teacher training and coaching. Dignitas is working to ensure that every child receives quality education so they can thrive and succeed in life. Over the years, we have made significant strides that we are excited to talk about. As a Senior Leadership Coach, I have walked a mile in the feet of many schools in Nairobi, I understand their desire to overcoming their incapability to deliver instruction that is focused on students.

I am a keen learner who is privileged to work in a vibrant organization that supports continuous growth and allows space for all employees to reflect on progress and challenges. Dignitas has offered immeasurable opportunities for my growth. As we continue to scale our work, we are constantly trying to find ways to ensure that our impact is sustainable.

The missing link? Our school leaders have been doing well through our programming. However, in some cases, we have leaders who slowly revert to old habits of teaching after some time.  As an organization, we have had to come back and brainstorm on ways of addressing this problem.

The thought process? Teachers can be supported to continuously work on their growth through formation of their own Communities of Practice (CoPs), also known as Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). These communities help facilitate teachers to meet regularly and improve their skills. PLCs enable teachers to take the lead in their own development in the long run.

This is one of the areas we are planning to increase our focus so we can ensure that the impact achieved is sustainable. Metis Fund, a movement of change makers came in handy on how to help bridge this gap and help Dignitas refine our PLCs model for our schools. Metis believes in the potential of education stakeholders and is actively involved in turning each individual’s bold idea into actionable steps that can bring about lasting change. I was lucky to be nominated by our Executive Director and got a scholarship through Metis Fund and Dignitas late last year in order to be a part of this dream team under Cohort 3 of Education Change Makers.

Both Metis Fund and Dignitas Education take learning and growth to be at the core of what they do. Both organizations are keen on individual and collaborative growth which bridges the gap of working in ‘silos’ to bring about robust and impactful change. As a change maker, I am set to learn from an intersect of passionate believers in quality education for the Kenyan child. I stand a chance to help my organization test out and refine how we have previously conducted PLCs to help enable sustainability in our schools and larger communities

I am excited about this new learning opportunity! I look forward to sharing more updates in the coming months to review the changes we will have made for our Professional Learning Communities. Stay tuned!

Contributor: Mercy Munialo – Senior Leadership Coach