Since Our Founding

Educators Trained

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Since 2011, Dignitas has:

  • Equipped 1,029 teachers and educators with the skills, concepts and attitude to transform their schools
  • Empowered 186 school partners to improve school operations and culture, the quality of instruction and student support 
  • Reached ten diverse communities in Kenya and South Sudan

Our approach targets teachers and school leaders, but ultimately, we seek a world where schools are a vibrant place for all children to develop the skills and strength of character to thrive and succeed. When we coach and train an educator, we are not just equipping an individual. We are empowering a leader to transform entire schools and shape the future of their community. 

We are thrilled that Dignitas has already benefited over 57,176 children by improving the quality of their education.


What our Teachers Say


“The difference between Dignitas and other training is that at Dignitas they listen to you.”

-Sally Adhiambo, Umoja Primary School

“Through Dignitas, I’ve improved my teaching methodologies. I teach like a champion!”

Collins Obiero, Umoja Primary School

“Dignitas has improved and changed the face of Umoja!”

Willis Onditi, Head Teacher, Umoja Primary School

Since my school attended the training, I’ve noticed major changes in my school. We began involving students in learning. During lesson time, my teachers involve the pupils in material development, decision-making, and group discussions. The pupils have really improved, and they now feel owner-ship of their learning in the school.

Judith Adema

Head Teacher, NECI Education Centre

“The training that we received affects more than just the classroom. We have leaders not only in the class but in our families, in our churches, in our mosques, and in our communities.”

John Okwako

Fellow, Mathare Community Outreach Joy

When I compare the Leadership Institute to my first training as a teacher, Dignitas is so much more advanced. Before I was only being taught about how to manage classes, but at Dignitas I am learning how to manage the whole school.

Phanice Mulsehe

Fellow, Leadership Training Institute


What our Students Say


Read about our teachers’ experience with Dignitas in these profile pieces on Lilian, Vincent, Agnes and Josephine. For more information on our impact, please see our annual reviews and program highlights.


Where We Work



Dignitas partners with schools in marginalized communities. We call these schools community schools rather than the typical name, informal schools, for several reasons.

First, no child or family is “informal”. We believe that all children have the capacity and the right to learn. Second, these schools typically follow government curriculum, prepare students for national exams, and are educating more students than the public schools.

Perhaps most importantly, many families prefer the community schools over public schools because they are less crowded, closer to family homes, and perceived to be of better quality, despite the fact that they receive zero government support. They truly are the schools that belong to, are home to, and educate the community.

Dignitas currently works with diverse schools in different counties including Nairobi, Nyandarua, Nyeri, Machakos,Laikipia and Homabay.