Teacher Tabitha Njambi is a Grade Two Teacher at Flying Kites Academy in Njabini. She has been teaching since 1998 and she is passionate about supporting student achievement. We met with Tabitha recently to learn more about her experience as an educator and some of things that motivate her to excel in her role. (You can see Tabitha’s first interview here)

Tabitha has deep reflections on why she wakes up every morning to support her students. She talks about her experience as a child and many of the opportunities she missed out on. Drawing from that, she wants to ensure that the students at Flying Kites receive the best education so they can achieve their dreams.

Education is very important to me. I want to nature various abilities in children and enable them to believe in themselves and realize their full potential. I know that every child carries great potential and school is part of how they discover their strengths and who they truly are. I want them to leave school better than they came in.

Favorite thing about her class?

“I love the confidence in the children and their receptive attitude. They are so open and eager to learn. I also love how they speak the truth at this age. They are also very active. They encourage me to come to class completely prepared. When I give them an activity, they finish very fast so I’m challenged and I am always prepared. I always have something extra for them to do.”

Tabitha joined Flying Kites in 2009 and she is one of the oldest teachers in the school. She has enjoyed her time at the school, and she is looking forward to working with more students in the coming years. She describes Flying Kites as an exceptional school where teachers work as a unit and they all focus on students’ success.

Flying Kites Academy provides all the needs for the teachers, they provide materials that support learning. They provide leadership skills and training and give teachers opportunities to grow. I am not the same as when I joined Flying Kites. My skills have been enhanced and I have added value to my teaching. All teachers work together in collaboration. Flying Kites Academy is a community, a family where all teachers have something to contribute.

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Contributor: Gloria Omuya – Communication & Operations Manager