It has been an exciting start to the year for the Dignitas team.  We’ve been privileged to grow our team by welcoming a new Advocacy and Development Director on board.  Ng’ang’a Kibandi comes to us with a wealth of experience, and a passion for quality education that offers all children the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Ng’ang’a joins us as part of our senior management team.  He will support program development and evaluation, coordinate our advocacy strategy, and work closely with our Executive Director on partnerships and organisational development.  This role will help ensure the strategic growth of Dignitas, and our sustained impact amongst marginalized learners in Kenya and beyond.

We thought you might like to get to know Ng’ang’a a little, and so we asked him a few questions on your behalf!  Read on, and feel free to leave a message or comment welcoming him to the team!

How would you describe your experience and learning in the Education space so far?

I’ve been in the education space for over 10 years, working in different facets of education. I started off my career in the research space, working on peer education programming where I acquired a wealth of knowledge on different research methods, approaches and avenues of disseminating data. My next move was within the implementation space which has led me to acquire skills in managing both formal and non-formal education programs. This involved elements of program design, execution, evaluation and lobbying at different levels (community, national agencies, and other collaborative partners). I have also had the privilege of leading learning networks (RELI) and played a critical role in the space of advocacy and evidence generation for policy influence. Amongst my key achievements is leading the drafting of implementation guidelines informed by evidence from practice tied to the language policy of 1976.

What excites you about your role at Dignitas?

The role at Dignitas is quite timely as I continue to grow in this special area of service within the development sector. It marries key achievements acquired over the years in research, project implementation, lobbying and evaluation. In addition, this opportunity enables me to contribute towards the further growth of Dignitas whose values, principles, and areas of focus I have great interest in. The team’s commitment to their mission is very encouraging and I look forward to being counted amongst the change agents that contribute to furthering the vision of Dignitas.

What superpower do you bring to the Dignitas team?

The ability to provide critical analysis, problem solve, and develop working strategies is something I am very passionate about and I believe is an innate super power I possess. I also deeply enjoy this world of service, and this happens to be my source of energy.

What’s one big thing you’d like to achieve in the next 12 months?

To see to it that Dignitas is a name that is recognized, respected, and a point of reference by key education actors in Kenya and beyond. 

We are excited to see Ng’ang’a put his superpowers into action, and achieve these goals!  Welcome to the team, Ng’ang’a!