The best thing about giving is that anyone can do it!  You don’t need to be rich, or famous, or of a certain age.  As you may have seen from our earlier post, giving is a big deal for us at Dignitas.  We deeply appreciate our staff, school leaders and communities who are constantly giving for the success of their learners!

Many people think that they have to be earning a certain amount before they can give, or that it should be the ‘rich’ giving to the ‘poor’, but we believe that everyone, everywhere can contribute something that will make the world a better, brighter place.  It could be as simple as a smile, a listening ear or a helping hand.  It may be a financial donation, or a donation in kind. Or it could be some expert help and support.

Dignitas was privileged to build on a long term friendship with American University in 2017 by partnering in a rapid assessment research exercise, designed to measure the impact of Dignitas’ program in our partner schools.  The time, energy, and expertise the American University team brought to the research exercise resulted in a powerful set of data that has supported the impact of Dignitas.

In the true spirit of giving, Professor Amanda Taylor shares how in giving, the team also received; “Working with Dignitas has been a gift to me, and to so many of my American University students over the years. Through our partnership with the Dignitas team, we’ve been able to learn more about both the challenges and opportunities for the Kenyan teachers and school leaders with whom they work. The Dignitas model—which I believe to be a model in every sense of the word—truly reflects the value of human dignity embedded in its name. Dignitas believes in the power of teachers and school leaders to transform their students’ learning opportunities. I continue to be inspired by Dignitas in my own teaching and research, and will be showing my gratitude though a donation this #GivingTuesday. I hope you’ll join me.”

We look forward to working with the American University team again in 2019 – watch this space for more information in the coming months!

Why not be a part of something special this #GivingTuesday?  Share your skills and expertise with someone who would benefit!

Contributor: Deborah Kimathi – Executive Director