Last month, 44 teachers from the 2014 Dignitas Leadership Institute Cohort graduated! They represented 18 schools and 5 communities (Mathare, Kariobangi, Kawangware, Satellite and Kangemi). Over the course of one and a half years, this cohort has honed their skills and gained new ones via Dignitas’ signature Leadership Training Institute, including targeted professional development and personalized one-on-one coaching.

Teachers showed progressive improvement in all areas evaluated

  • classroom management
  • instruction
  • planning and preparation for learning
  • teacher leadership

with the greatest improvement noted in maintaining effective and positive relationship with students (i.e. demonstrating genuine respect for individual students and the class as a whole, showing concern for individual students’ problems and guiding them on how to resolve them and using language that is empowering).


After the Nawiri Leadership Institute, I’m confident moving forward. I’m ready to be a role model to my fellow staff members and my students as well. 

Teacher Joseph Ochieng

MCO Joy Primary School, Mathare

There was also a notable improvement under Teacher Leadership (teachers collaborating with other school staff and working towards self-efficacy, demonstrating reflective practice and self-awareness).

We spoke with the following four teachers at the culmination of the Dignitas Leadership Institute. Here’s what they shared!

Teacher Victor of Alpha Glory School-Satellite Community









Teacher Joseph Ochieng of MCO Joy Primary-Mathare Community. Recipient of the Highest Achiever Award








Teacher Phanice of Excel-Kangemi Community. Recipient of the Highest Achiever Award








Teacher Paul Muteti -Vigil School- Kawangware Community. Recipient of the Most Improved Teacher Award






What was your biggest learning from the Nawiri Leadership Institute?

Teacher Victor: I could not assess my students, but now I’m able to and I ensure that I move with all students not just a few.

Teacher Joseph: I have learnt techniques of involving students during the lesson and how to develop materials.

Teacher Paul: Emotional Intelligence and how to become a better leader.

Teacher Phanice: When I joined the program, I was the School Head teacher. Learning the characteristics of a good leader, comparing Mandela’s leadership and Ubuntu, motivated me.

I have also learnt a lot on classroom management, disciplining students, teaching techniques and assessing students.

What specific things will you be implementing in your classroom/school?

Teacher Victor: Peer-teaching, it makes my classes more student-centered, most activities are done in groups and my students are more interested in classwork.

Teacher Joseph: Techniques of engaging students while in class while I teach. I will push the administration to avail us of resources for material development.

Teacher Paul: I will encourage collaboration among the teachers so that they get to learn and support one another. I will have teachers coaching one another. And I will also encourage use of professional documents by all teachers.

How have you changed as an individual from this process?

Teacher Victor: I’m no longer a teacher only to my students, I’m more than that; I do more than teaching. My students see me as a teacher and as a parent.

Teacher Joseph: I have become a critical thinker and I’m also receiving a salary raise because of the special award I have received.

Teacher Phanice: Thinking about all my students while prepare for my lessons, including those with special needs. I used to only think of my high achievers.

From the teachings I received on Guidance and Counseling, we have set up a Guidance and Counseling Department and I’m the head of the Department.

Teacher Paul: Before joining this program I was a classroom teacher, I’m now the School Head Teacher. I also used to be very harsh and found it hard coping with others. I’m now approachable, I cope easily with the teachers. I’m confident and open as a person and the desire to learn in me has increased.

Also, I feel empowered to support other teachers in my school.

The Leadership Institute is a multi-year partnership between Dignitas and schools designed to equip educators to transform education in their community. The Leadership Institute includes four programs in combination to catalyze transformation and sustain development. Visit our profile on Umoja Primary School to see our partnership and model in action. Congratulations, 2014 Dignitas Leadership Institute Graduates!!