It’s so special to have the opportunity to use #GivingTuesday to reflect on all the wonderful ways people have given to the work of Dignitas!  At the beginning of 2018, we noted collaboration as one of our strategic enablers, and this year has shown that to be true in so many ways!

We deeply appreciate our partnership with Tailored for Education.  As their donors invest in their vision to see all children safely attend school, they have invested in our partner schools with the provision of uniforms!  And what a beautiful story we are able to tell together as a result!  By giving in partnership, the fruit of that gift exponentially grows as children are allowed to learn and thrive!

Below is a piece from the Co-Founders of Tailored for Education, Megan Kelly and Jessica Roy.

It was almost six years ago that we were first introduced to Dignitas. We were naïve young women desperately trying to build Tailored for Education from scratch. Tailored for Education strives to increase school enrollment rates by providing children with the mandatory school uniform.  As an organization with partners located around the world but cofounders who work out of Boston and have other full-time jobs, our mission had to be simple. More importantly, we had to be particular about who we work with because our partners are our eyes and ears on the ground globally. They ensure uniforms are safely and efficiently procured and distributed to the most vulnerable families.  We know that impoverished children face countless barriers to education and that’s why we partner with organizations combatting other obstacles, such as teacher training and professional development.

From day one we have been impressed by Dignitas – their dedication to their mission, seamless expansion and their impressive results. Through our partnership with Dignitas we know that each child we provide with a uniform is receiving the best possible education.  In addition to uniforms being mandatory for school attendance, we also learned that they affect a child’s safety. Children not wearing a uniform are more likely to be kidnapped.  Uniforms legitimize the child and the school so people know that a child wearing a uniform is accountable to be somewhere.  Sadly, it was the children who repeatedly told us this.  Simply put, the uniforms we are providing through Dignitas are changing children’s lives and giving them opportunities that otherwise would not be possible.

We were fortunate to finally visit Dignitas this past spring!  On our trip we were blown away by the schools, the children, the teachers and the progress being made when children are given a chance and put in a classroom.  Education is a universal right. Where you are born shouldn’t determine whether or not you can receive an education. Walking through Kawangware, one of the informal settlements in Nairobi, it’s overly apparent that its inhabitants will never leave unless they receive an education.  There are not enough government funded schools to support the current population, so approximately 80% of students attend community schools. Dignitas gives the Kawangware community school teachers the necessary tools to provide their students with a proper education.  We were amazed by the quality of work taking place in each classroom and left Kenya with full hearts and a deeper appreciation for our partner selection back in 2012 when we began this journey with Dignitas. We are proud of all the work we have accomplished together and can’t wait to see what our future holds!

Would you like to partner with Dignitas?  Do you have an idea that will impact the learning of children in our partner schools?  We’d love to hear from you!

Thank You Tailored for Education!