If you’re a keen reader of our news, you’ll know that collaboration is an important part of our strategy.  In fact, when we looked at strategic goals for 2018, the team noted collaboration and innovation as critical enablers of our success.

The challenge with collaboration, is that it is actually quite rare for two organizations to come together and create genuinely shared value. Traditional partnerships, particularly in the nonprofit space, have been majorly transactional, often with an unhealthy imbalance of power, and agendas skewed in one direction.  However collaboration, the way we see it at Dignitas, should be transformational, not transactional!

Seeking out like minded partners who understand the impact we desire to make, have resources or programming aligned to what we want to achieve, or have a desire to come together around some clearly established common value, is no easy task!  Truly impactful collaboration happens when we not only share a goal, but the values and ethos that drive the successful achievement of that goal.

It is my strongly held belief that when true collaboration happens, impact can increase exponentially.  When two genuinely motivated partners come together to share experience, resource, expertise and strategic thinking, the sum of two parts is definitely significant, and definitely transformational.

It is on that note that I am very excited to announce our new partnership with Global School Leaders!

Global School Leaders incubates, connects and supports organizations that train school leaders to improve the learning of students from under-served communities around the world.  They curate and contextualize best practices in school leadership globally to meet the distinct demands placed on school systems in the developing world.

Given the strengths of each organization, Dignitas and Global School Leaders seek to create scalable, impactful school leadership development projects focused on schools that cater to students from marginalized backgrounds.  At this initial stage, Dignitas and Global School Leaders have come together to craft an Instructional Leadership program for an initial cohort of 50 schools in Kenya.

This initial stage of the project will see 25 rural, and 25 urban school partners impacted through crucial Head Teacher training and coaching, with a view to nurturing instructional excellence across their schools.  That’s approximately 16,750 children who will get the education they deserve, and enjoy school as a vibrant place for them to thrive and succeed!

Watch this space to see how the project unfolds, and to hear some of the impact it will undoubtedly have.  As we launch this partnership, we are also seeking to grow our team!  We have two exciting new opportunities – please check them out HERE, and help us to spread the word!  We believe it is an exciting opportunity to be part of something that could potentially impact thousands of children across Kenya and beyond through a transformational collaboration!