At Dignitas, we truly believe that a learning organization is a growing organization.  Reflecting back to 2018, we learned an incredible amount about our work, our impact, and our potential for scale.  This was significantly supported by an external evaluation of our impact, which helped us to both craft and answer important questions.  Check out our Learning and Reflections document for more detail.

Whilst Dignitas has 10 years of experience, and a wealth of expertise relevant to our programming, we recognize that there is always more to learn and important questions to ask, particularly in our current context in Kenya where there are ongoing monumental shifts in the education sector.

As part of our strategic planning exercise for 2019, we compiled a list of Learning Questions for 2019.  This is not to indicate that this will be the totality of our learning, or even that we will establish definitive answers to all these questions this year but simply put, these are the questions we’re going to be intentional about investigating.  We are formulating an action plan that will see the team regularly link their ongoing work to the interrogation of these questions.

If you’d like to learn with us, or you think you have some interesting insight or experiences to share, please do get in touch!

2019 Learning Questions:

The answers to each of these questions should offer important learning about how Dignitas most effectively delivers impact.  Our learning is intended to help us to design the most effective programming possible, programming that represents value for money and meaningful impact for learners across Kenya and beyond.  We intend to share our learnings, here and elsewhere, so do keep an eye on our blog to see relevant publications.  We look forward to learning with you in 2019!

Contributor: Deborah Kimathi – Executive Director