Each partner school receives individualized support for at least two years. The Partnership Progression demonstrates a high-level overview of how Dignitas seeks to develop in educators the skills, attitudes, and beliefs that will transform school staff into leaders who can independently drive school improvements and development.

The gradual release of the I-Do, We-Do, You-Do approach is essential for creating sustainable change. See how our partnership progresses in a real school community at Umoja Primary School.

In the first year of partnership, Dignitas focuses on sharing knowledge that educators will need in their toolkit as they seek to improve their own practice and the whole school. In this phase, Dignitas often needs to model and teach new concepts, particularly through the Leadership Training Institute, which is the first and a foundational step in school partnership. Dignitas invites multiple cohorts of teachers from each school to a LTI in Phase One to ensure that a critical mass of school staff feel motivated and are prepared to support school improvement.


Phase1 Activities


After partner educators have had time to develop an understanding of new skills and concepts, Dignitas shifts more responsibility for learning and school improvement onto the partner school themselves. In Phase Two, it’s important that educators start leading school change with mentorship and feedback from Dignitas. The workshops and coaching conducted in Phase Two build on previous training to help educators progress further in personal and school development.


Phase2 Activities


In the final year of partnership schools are expected to continue school improvement efforts independently, with minimal support from Dignitas. Dignitas provides a limited number of workshops in response to demonstrated need and on-call support. In this final phase, it is schools who set the agenda and priorities for interaction. Dignitas also continues to monitor school development and conducts a final evaluation to determine if schools are fully equipped to exit the partnership and continue school transformation efforts.


Phase3 Activities