We believe every child deserves an excellent education.



We imagine a world where schools are a vibrant place for all children to develop the skills and strength of character to thrive and succeed.  


A Call to Equity and Inclusion!

Dignitas was founded from a desire to respond to this very call!  When Dignitas founders, Tiffany and Bobby, began to explore the needs, and the strengths present in Mathare, one of Nairobi’s largest informal settlements, it was with a vision to ensure equitable,...

What is the role of the non-state sector?

When it comes to education, the role of the non-state sector has been a hot topic of late.  In part the global debate has been sparked by the launch of the Abidjan Principles, which “unpack and compile existing provisions in international human rights law and provide...

CIES Insights

In April 2019, Dignitas attended the 63rd annual CIES (Comparative and International Education Society) conference in San Francisco.  This year, the conference theme was focused on Education for Sustainability, attempting to answer the following question; “What is the...

Why I am a Proud Educator

Teacher Tabitha Njambi is a Grade Two Teacher at Flying Kites Academy in Njabini. She has been teaching since 1998 and she is passionate about supporting student achievement. We met with Tabitha recently to learn more about her experience as an educator and some of...

Tabitha is Transforming her Teaching Practice

Teacher Tabitha Njambi is confident, passionate and very organized when it comes to her classroom. She has been teaching for over fifteen years and she has significantly grown her teaching techniques over the years. We met with her in her Grade Two Class at Flying...

How are you making an impact in the world?

The world is a big place, but maybe it’s not that big when you focus on a specific area that you want to influence and make an impact on. Jinani Nissanka travelled over 6,000 miles, from Australia to Nairobi to join Dignitas as a volunteer for one month. We...