We believe every child deserves an excellent education.



We imagine a world where schools are a vibrant place for all children to develop the skills and strength of character to thrive and succeed.  


Teacher Awards: Impact Award

I have had the opportunity to sit in, in a science class where Teacher Nicholas was teaching class five students. He has a fun way of engaging students. The students are confident, they actively use their voices and participate in class and most of all, they believe...

Teacher Awards: Lifetime Service Award

A great teacher can change a student’s life. Elizabeth Mbati is the Founder of Alpha Glory School in Satellite community. When she started the school, she wanted to have a center of excellence, a place where children could learn and discover their strengths. She has...

Leveraging Practicum Courses to Achieve Impact

The best thing about giving is that anyone can do it!  You don’t need to be rich, or famous, or of a certain age.  As you may have seen from our earlier post, giving is a big deal for us at Dignitas.  We deeply appreciate our staff, school leaders and communities who...

A Transformative Partnership!

It’s so special to have the opportunity to use #GivingTuesday to reflect on all the wonderful ways people have given to the work of Dignitas!  At the beginning of 2018, we noted collaboration as one of our strategic enablers, and this year has shown that to be true in...

School Award: The Dignitas School of Distinction Award

Zeal Covenant School Evelyn Mmbone-School Director Students at Zeal Covenant School  Evelyn started Zeal Covenant School in 2005 with only two teachers. The progress so far has been incredible as the school has overcome several challenges to provide quality education...

My Exciting Internship Opportunity

What are some of the ways you can give? Meet Grace Waruhiu who has been interning with Dignitas under the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning department. She’s supporting our current school recruitment process as we plan to expand our impact in 2019. Grace is...