We believe every child deserves an excellent education.

Leaders of Learning;
Supporting learning through Covid-19



We imagine a world where schools are a vibrant place for all children to develop the skills and strength of character to thrive and succeed.  


We are Making a Difference through Uniform Distribution

At Dignitas, we believe that every child deserves an excellent education. We know that many children around the world still struggle to access the education they need to develop themselves and transform their future. In some countries, education is said to be free,...

How we are Working Through Current Challenges – COVID-19

As you may expect, Dignitas has had to make some difficult decisions over the last few days.  Kenya announced its first case of COVID-19 on Friday and by Sunday, there was a presidential directive that all schools should be closed, and all organizations should allow...

Maximizing Impact in our Schools Through Learning

(Photo Credits: Metis) Dignitas has continuously expanded its impact in a vast number of schools in Nairobi’s informal communities and beyond. We specialize in teacher professional development, but our work goes beyond teacher training and coaching. Dignitas is...

What’s coming up for Dignitas in 2020?

As 2020 officially kicks off, we wanted to give you some insight into what Dignitas has planned. It’s going to be a busy, and exciting year! Our strategy covers five main themes that speak to all the areas of our programing in 2020. Here are some updates highlighting...

Growing the Dignitas Community

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been with Dignitas almost two years!  One of the joys of the last two years has been seeing the Dignitas community grow.    We’ve met friends, partners and advisors from across the sector, many of whom have helped to make our work...

Learning: We are Living out our Values!

Dignitas is proud to be a learning organization!  Whilst we have built a wealth of expertise over the last 11 years, we always have more to learn.  The world, and everything we know about education, teaching and learning, is changing at a rapid pace and if we want to...