We believe every child deserves an excellent education.



We imagine a world where schools are a vibrant place for all children to develop the skills and strength of character to thrive and succeed.  


Using Music to Make a Difference-Daraja Band

We are excited to introduce Daraja Band! Daraja Band gave a wonderful performance at our recent Ten Year Anniversary event. We are grateful to the entire band for sharing their talents and skills with us as we work to transform opportinuties for the next generation...

I Want to Learn. Who doesn’t?

When Dignitas founders Tiffany and Bobby began crafting the vision and mission for Dignitas in 2008, they spent a lot of time in the community speaking to churches, schools and families.  They asked many questions, and one question persistently, “What would make a...

Our Ten Year Anniversary Celebration was a Success!

On October 24th, we had the pleasure of celebrating our Decade of Dignitas journey with our partners, friends, donors,teachers, board members and staff. This celebration was an opportunity for us to reflect on our achievements, our impact and our strategy going...

GIVE is core to our identity at Dignitas!

GIVE is core to our identity at Dignitas!  It’s no coincidence that this was the acronym selected by our team to describe our strategy for 2018. This strategy has four key elements; GROW to seek impact at scale INFLUENCE through a body of evidence that demonstrates...

Education Space in Kenya: Innovating Change

One of the most exciting things that comes with being part of the Dignitas team is the opportunity to be part of a passionate community of change makers.  In just one year with Dignitas, I’ve met a number of people innovating change in the education space, all...

Celebrating the Shujaa Acts of Teachers

*Shujaa is a Swahili word that means hero. Kenya celebrates Mashujaa Day on 20th October of every year. Despite the numerous challenges faced in the education sector, teachers continue to nature and shape the lives of the young generation. Teachers play a significant...