We are committed to proving our model...
One community at a time.

Program Overview:
We are addressing the critical need for strong local leadership and accountability by providing leadership training, professional development, and support to teachers and principals working in independent, community-based schools and emerging leaders within the community. Learn more here.
  • One of the largest informal settlements (slums) in East Africa and the oldest in Kenya.
  • On a former rock quarry that resembles a shallow bowl, 600,000 people live without running water, sewage systems, electricity, roads, or adequate housing.
  • Imagine the population of boston squeezed into a space 1/30 its size.
  • There are just 3 government schools.
  • 1 in 3 people are HIV+ and just 1 in 10 have stable employment.
Most organizations do not have the capacity or willingness to work in Mathare. To most Kenyans, Mathare is a desperate place and few people understand or visit due to fear and misinformation.

This is where we choose to be.

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